Nov 15, 2011

What are the ingredients for a market leading Diameter router?

We've often asked what makes the Traffix Signaling Delivery Controller the market leading Diameter solution. We put our heads together and here's why we can proudly say that the    Traffix Signaling Delivery Controller (SDC) is the market’s first and most mature Diameter routing solution, available since early 2009.
  •         Traffix SDC is the market’s most deployed Diameter routing solution with over a dozen live deployments in Tier 1 carriers.
  •      Traffix SDC is the market’s only full Diameter routing solution combining DRA, DEA and IWF that goes far beyond the industry standards’ requirements.
  •       Traffix SDC offers far more Interworking functions between Diameter to Diameter, and between Diameter to legacy protocols than other vendors.
  •         Traffix SDC is the only solution that can run on multiple IBM, HP and Sun hardware flavors with unparalleled performance in each.
  •         Traffix SDC is the only dedicated Diameter routing platform (not HSS or PCRF….) in the market.
  •        Traffix SDC has unbeaten performance and value/cost ratio – 4 times more than the closest competitor.
  •         Traffix SDC supports over 50 Diameter interfaces  – it’s the only solution that fits all Tier 1 Diameter needs.
  •      Traffix SDC is the only market solution supporting Active/Active configuration.
  •        Traffix SDC includes WideLens™, a network analysis, statistics and management solution.
  •          Traffix SDC includes a full Diameter test suite.
  •         Traffix SDC is the solution of choice for vendors such as Ericsson, ATOS, NSN, Alcatel-Lucent, Amdocs, Bridgewater and others.
  •         Traffix has the largest work force dedicated to Diameter in the industry.
  •         Traffix has demonstrated unbeaten commitment to our customers for the best support, flexibility and satisfaction.
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  1. Hello, just a clarification people, what is a typical use-case of a multiple-services-indicator avp ?
    1.) would an intial request for authorization to OCS contain a multiple-services-indicator + multiple-services-credit-control (mscc) block (or)
    2.)would it(initial request) contain just multiple-services-indicator and the subsequent update request would contain mscc block ?

    Is it defined in 3gpp standard that either only one should be followed or both should be a correct use-case ?? Thanks a lot for your time.

  2. hellooo...plz.. cud someone give an answer fr d query ?? wud reely appreciate it.. thnx again..!

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