May 2, 2009

Diameter implementations – not for the faint of heart

I want to share with you a few horror stories about some of the Diameter implementations we see out there.
We recently came across an implementation by one of the main network vendors where Diameter server is sending Diameter client messages – of course that the clients in the other end could not respond and some of them where getting quite mixed up with the unexpected message.
This is really the tip of the iceberg, Diameter is very flexible and in NGN the applications are still very young – a destructive combination it seems, so the way the standards are translated and implemented varies across different vendors.
It’s not only the network equipment providers, some of the operators have also joined the party, with in-house Diameter standards and requirements that have already gained quite a “notorious reputation” in where they taken the standards and their non conformance, I don’t want to name and shame anyone, but I’m sure some of you are nodding their heads with called sweat.

Is it becoming better ? well not really, LTE/SAE is being developed today, new cable standards, new ETSI TISPAN equipment, and there things aren’t better, development is starting before the interfaces are finalized, so sorry no good end to this post, I believe the interoperability issues will keep accompany us in the recent future and will affect the dream of open plug & play no silo networks.

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